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Sarabia Optical is extremely proud to welcome in partnership an accomplished athlete, educator, entrepreneur and ecowarrior: Mr. Chris Tiu! Last April 16, 2012 Chris came over to our Sarabia Optical branch to sit down with our Managing Director Mr. Jp Sarabia. The afternoon was a simple event but full of lively conversation as this wasn't Chris' first time to visit Sarabia Optical--he's been a valued customer over the past years! Being an avid fan of Sarabia Optical and Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lens, Chris has happily agreed to be a sponsor of our brand and in turn, Sarabia Optical is very excited to have Chris as a partner.

Almost on a daily basis, Chris uses Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lens. Contact lenses provide a good solution for most vision correction needs. However, it is important to understand how contact lenses work with your eyes and lifestyle to ensure you get the most benefit from them. To stay healthy, eyes need oxygen to keep lubricated and free from debris. Eyes are covered in a special 'tear film' that helps them to do this. This special film is spread across the eyes with every blink. The tear film helps to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable by smoothing any irregularities on the surface of the eyes to provide clear vision. Wearing a contact lens including moisturizing agents such as Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus will actually support your eyes natural tear film, helping to make contact lenses more comfortable and reduce the likelihood of your eyes becoming dry. Dailies Plus are high quality contact lenses offering excellent comfort for new and current wearers. Dailies Plus contact lenses are made with built-in blink activated moisturizing agents to support your eyes natural tear film. These moisturizing agents work in synergy with the blinking action of your eye--meaning that with every blink they are released from the contact lens into the tear film, keeping your lenses refreshed, comfortable and revitalized throughout the day. Dailies Plus are also suitable if you spend a lot of time in conditions that exacerbate dry eye symptoms such as air conditioned environments, working with computers for long periods of time, or if like Chris you have an active and 'on the go' lifestyle.

'On the go' is definitely a way to describe Chris' rapid pace. Never one to be sitting idly by, Chris is always on his game by focusing his enviable work ethic on his passions. Chris is widely known for being the UAAP basketball star during his Ateneo days and continued to follow through for his love for the sport with a stint on the Philippine National Team. Chris is also an educator, using the platform as host of the 'iBilib' educational TV show during Sunday nights on GMA to teach eye-opening science experiments to a youth audience. Add another description after Chris' name: Entrepreneur. With his 'Happy Lemon' stores (a Hong Kong milk tea franchise) sprouting up all over the metro, Chris is now in food retail as well! Lastly, just when you think Chris can do no more good, he inspires us as part of the recently formed Pilipinas Eco-warriors which uses social media channels to increase environmental awareness and encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Chris Tiu is definitely one to watch! Sarabia Optical lends its full support to our 'eye-dol' Chris Tiu. Follow Chris on twitter @chris_tiu and @sarabiaoptical.

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